Sea Turtles

Sea turtles.

In the crystal clear Caribbean waters we snorkel with giant sea turtles in their natural habitat. Many have stayed in this reserve for years and have a routine and sociable life. Others are passing through on their long journeys over thousand miles to return to where they were hatched. This is where they will make their own nests and lay their eggs as the cycle repeats itself through history. Some live to be as old as 80 years or more. They are truly breathtaking to experience in such an up close and natural environment. We also snorkel out just a bit further to see the rare beauty of a living reef and of its sea life. Depending on the day we often see eagle and sting rays, moray eel, squid and other life that never ceases to amaze. Snorkeling with the turtles may be added to basic tour for 40 usd.

We provide:
  • All equipment
  • New air conditioned vans
  • Knowledgeable bilingual guides
  • Ice chest with waters
  • Entrance fees
  • Excellent quality lunch
You provide:
  • Adventurous heart
  • Towel for each person
  • Extra money for all beverages, souvenirs and tips
Bring or purchase from us:
  • Eco friendly biodegradable sunblock
  • Eco friendly insect repellent