Your Private Tour provides the ultimate fun and exciting experience in the Riviera Maya. Our experienced and knowledgeable bi-lingual guides chauffeur you from location to location in a modern air conditioned van. We also provide new and quality equipment and are happy to give snorkeling tips if needed.

You may purchase from us reef friendly, bio-degradable sun block and eco friendly insect repellent.

We provide an ice chest with waters and you may purchase other beverages at a local market or liquor store avoiding tourist prices.

Come dressed in clothing appropriate for your activities. We recommend wearing a swim suit under casual comfy clothing and flip flops or sandals and bring a towel. At lunch your bathing suit will be fine or you may change. You may wish to bring hats and sunglasses but they will most likely be left in the vehicle for all activities except perhaps the Mayan ruins. We are careful to lock the vehicles and all of our locations are considered very safe. With that said, we don't suggest you bring anything you are not comfortable leaving locked in the transportation and so far, we have not experienced a loss.

Normally our tour pick up time from your resort is 7:00 am. We email you the exact pick up time with your tour confirmation. If your tour is the basic and includes Tulum we go there first and have you back out before the late morning big crowds. you stay inside the ruins for about an hour and 15 to hour and 30. Many people ask about the Tulum beach. The famous Tulum beach is not the one behind the ruins and we suggest you not enter the ocean here but focus on the archaeological site only and enjoy the ocean view from above as we will be in the best and most beautiful waters later during the tour. We don't want you to take time away from the planned tour and there are only so many hours in a day...even in paradise! From Tulum we head back towards Playa del Carmen stopping at any of the activity locations that you selected for your tour. Depending on the tour and how long we stay at each location and how many activity's you selected determines our return time. Typically we have you back mid to late afternoon sometime between 3:30 and 4:30 but rarely any later.

The tours include a delicious lunch at a charming restaurant. We start with an appetizer then a main course and finish with dessert. the meal is included in your tour price, beverages are paid for by clients.

Our tours are not able to vary locations on the day of your tour. all tour companies are required to complete a "service order" for the Feds with an exact description of your tour locations and stops. Payment is made the morning of tour at pick up in US Dollars or Mexican Pesos only, no credit or debit cards accepted.

Below is a quick summary:

We provide:
■ All equipment
■ New air conditioned vans
■ Knowledgeable bi-lingual
guides (By federal law we are not allowed to discuss or accompany you inside the mayan ruins.)
■ Ice chest with waters
■ Entrance fees
■ Excellent quality food (not all tours)
You provide:
■ Adventurous heart
■ Towel for each person

Bring or purchase from us:

■ Eco friendly biodegradable sunblock
■ Eco friendly insect repellent

*Many hotel and home pick-ups are included depending on location, otherwise a minimal fee is charged.
  • Tulum
  • Cenotes
  • Sea turtles